Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel


One blue 55 gallon rain barrel with parts installed. No assembly required! (Some of the examples shown are ones which have been painted by their new owners.)

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Parts included in your rain barrel kit:

  • 55 gallon food-grade barrel

  • Silicone Glue - Applied to threads

  • Window Screen - To keep debris and mosquitoes out

  • #6 - 1⁄2” Sheet Metal Screws – 6 Total For screwing the screen onto the barrel

  • 1/8 x 3⁄4 Fender Washers – 6 Total 1/8 is the size of the hole, 3/4 is the diameter of the outside of the washer

  • 3/4” x 2” Sch. 80 PVC nipple (can also use a close nipple) - For the hose outlet at the bottom of the barrel

  • 3/4” 90 deg PVC Sch. 40 Street Elbow (male x female threaded) - For the overflow at the top of barrel

  • 3/4” brass pipe thread garden hose adapter (2 per barrel) - You will use these adaptors to connect pipe threads to hose threads

Each kit contains an assembled rain barrel using a 55 gallon food-grade barrel. No assembly required!

All barrels are blue.