Insectary Strip - 600 linear feet

Insectary Strip - 600 linear feet


One 2 ounce bag of Insectary Strip seed

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This is the mix for farmers and gardeners who want to create short-term beneficial insect habitat in the middle of crop fields, typically as a separate flowering row between annual vegetable crops. These types of ‘insectary strips’ provide pollen and nectar as an alternative food source for predatory insects (i.e. ‘good insects’ that prey upon crop pests). These beautiful, functional, and fascinating animals such as lacewings, lady beetles, syrphid flies and more feed on pollen and nectar when prey insects are not available (or in the case of syrphid flies during the adult stage of their life, after their predatory larval stage). With enough habitat, and protection from pesticides, beneficial insects can sometimes fully suppress pest outbreaks on adjacent crops.

To provide a lot of first year bloom, our insectary mix is heavy on annual flowers (such as phacelia, globe gilia, and plains coreopsis). A smaller percentage of the mix is comprised of blanketflower, yarrow, and Lewis flax, allowing the strip to persist over multiple years. When the strip starts to become weedy, or when you want to rotate the field to a new crop, you can simply plow it under like a cover crop.

Included in this mix is a unique cultivar that we call Rudbeckia ‘Melissodes.’ This improved gloriosa-type black eyed Susan is a variety we selected for over multiple years in our home garden for insect attractiveness and is named for the beautiful Melissodes bees (aka long-horned bees) that it attracts in abundance.

A single unit contains enough seed to establish approximately 600 linear row feet of insectary strips in your field.

Control pests naturally and attract pollinators to your nearby crops!  

Seed Mix Contents

Lacy Phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) 30% 
Plains Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria) 20% 
Globe Gilia (Gilia capitata) 15% 
Rudbeckia ‘Melissodes’ (Rudbeckia hirta ‘melissodes’) 15% 
Western Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) 10% 
Common Blanketflower (Gaillardia aristata) 5% 
Lewis Flax (Linum lewisii) 5%

Seed Mix Weight: 2.00 Ounces