1 Rain Bed Kit

1 Rain Bed Kit


1 Rain Bed Kit, including 4 rain barrels, plumbing, bed, Hann gutter and liner. 

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Rain beds are combinations of raised beds and rain barrels. They help to water your garden bed with stored rain water through a series of pipes. This system is comprised of rain barrels connected to a raised bed, and is the lowest-cost, highest-benefit way we have devised to help treat stormwater runoff from our roofs and to water your flower and edible gardens.

Rain Bed Kit includes:

  • Rain Barrels - Place on cinder blocks to help gravitational flow, with valve to control output. 
  • Plumbing - Rain barrels are connected to the Rain bed with a pipe buried under the soil or grass.


  •  8 x 4 foot raised wood bed - Liners are used on the inside of the bed. Raised beds are filled with ‘bioretention mix’, which is available at local soil suppliers. This soil mix is traditionally used in rain gardens and is made of compost and sand. Plants love it!