Ordering Plants

When can I pre-order my plants?

We opened the pre-orders for the 34th Annual Plant Sale on December 3, 2018 and they closed on January 27, 2019. Sign up for our Plant Sale mailing list to be in the know for 2020.

I want to pay by check, can I still do that?

Yes, we do still accept check orders. Please call 425-335-5634 ext. 4 to place your check order. You can pay by cash or check at the sale, too.

Picking Up Plants

When can I pick up my plants?

The 2019 plant sale was on February 17th, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This date was moved from Saturday, February 9th due to snow and predicted snow. Thanks for your flexibility in working with us this year as we rode the Mother Nature wave!

Where can I pick up my plants?

The Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe in the Commercial Building #400 near the main entrance.

Plant Size

How big of a truck do I need to pick up my plants?

Your plants are sold in compact bundles of bareroot plants, livestakes, or small pots, so a truck or a trailer is rarely needed to transport them back home.

How big are the plants?

Most of our plants are sold as bareroot seedings, and are pretty small. Approximate size ranges for each species are given on the info page of each plant.

All of our livestakes are 36" long and approximately 0.5"-1" in diameter.

Potted plants are sold in 4" or 2" pots.


Caring for Plants

How long can I keep my plants in the bags after the sale?

The sooner you can plant your plants after the sale, the better. Planting season in Washington typically runs from October - March. It can be extended beyond that if:

  • conditions remain particularly cool and wet

  • you're planting a wet site, or

  • you will be able to irrigate your plants to get them established.

If you're planning on waiting more than a few weeks to plant your new plants, it is recommended that you heal them into some soil in the interim.

What are your recommendations for successfully planting my plants?

Watch this short video to learn how to get your plants off on the right track.

My yard is sunny/shady/wet/dry/steep/etc, what should I plant?

The info page for each plant provides information on what conditions a plant will tolerate or thrive in. On the 'Mixes' page, we have also provided a few lists of plants that prefer similar site conditions. Here are some more resources for finding the right plants for your site:

King County Native Plants: Sample Landscaping Plans

Plant Materials Center: Right Plant, Right Place

Other Questions

I can't make it to this year's sale but want to buy plants, can I?

Alternate arrangements can be made to pick up a pre-order at our Lake Stevens Office for up to two weeks after the sale.

Where else can I buy native plants?

On this link you'll find nurseries and other conservation districts holding native plant sales. 

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, please call 425-335-5634 to speak with someone on our staff.