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About Snohomish Conservation District

Snohomish Conservation District is one of many conservation districts throughout Washington that host conservation plant sales to enable residents the opportunity to purchase conservation grade plants at a reasonable cost.

Snohomish Conservation District has many free services to help landowners protect and enhance natural resources. If you are in Snohomish County or on Camano Island, give us a call at 425-335-5634 or visit


What is a Conservation District?

Across the United States, nearly 3000 conservation districts offer free help to residents to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources. Their mission, which began after the devastating dust bowl era of the 1930’s, relied on working with farmers and rural landowners on a one-on-one basis. 

Hugh Hammond Bennett, Chief of the Soil Conservation Service, and Soil Scientist Howard Finnell, recognized the need for the conservation of soil and water, prevention of wind erosion, and taking care of the land. 


Our Legacy

This legacy continues today with conservation districts, which are tasked with local implementation of conservation practices, both urban and rural. There are currently 45 conservation districts in Washington State.

Snohomish Conservation District is a political subdivision of state government with no regulatory authority. We have been working with farmers, city residents, rural and suburban landowners on a voluntary basis since 1941. District boundaries include Camano Island (added in 1961) and most of Snohomish County. We operate with a diverse staff ranging from engineers, resource planners, community conservation staff, restoration specialists, a field crew, outreach specialists and administrative staff. 


Snohomish Conservation District has a long-standing history of collaboration and technical assistance to the agriculture and forestry communities. In response to the critical need for the protection of Puget Sound, a unique and precious feature of northwest Washington, as well as a vast network of salmonid streams and rivers, SCD has developed an urban and suburban program that exemplifies our heritage of working with partners and landowners on land and water resource concerns. Our programs have grown to include low impact development, Firewise communities, backyard wildlife habitat and on-site septic programs and natural yard care. 

Our mission: Snohomish Conservation District's mission is to work cooperatively with others to promote and encourage conservation and responsible use of natural resources.